Qatar Fertiliser Company (QAFCO)

Incorporated in 1969 as a joint venture, the Company is currently owned by IQ (100%).  QAFCO has two subsidiaries, namely Gulf Formaldehyde Company S.A.Q. and Qatar Melamine Company Q.S.C.C.
QAFCO together with its subsidiaries is engaged in the production of ammonia, urea, melamine and formaldehyde condensates.
IQ’s share of QAFCO’s production and saleable capacity of key products are:

Product Production MT‘000 / PA  Sales MT‘000 / PA 
Ammonia 2,705 376
Urea 4,251 4,251
Melamine 27 27
Urea Formaldehyde 32 4


Key Products


A significant portion of the ammonia produced by QAFCO is used internally as a feedstock for urea production.  The remainder which is sold is commonly used as a feedstock for urea and ammonium phosphate production.


The majority of the urea produced by QAFCO is in either the prilled or granular form.  More than 90% of world (for QAFCO, it is around 96%) industrial production of urea is used as a nitrogen-release fertiliser to increase crop yield.

Urea Formaldehyde Condensate (UFC-85)

UFC-85 is an anti-caking agent which is added to urea products to improve their strength.  The majority of UFC-85 produced is used in QAFCO’s urea plants.


The principal use of melamine is in the construction industry. Melamine is used in the production of high-pressure laminates which is used for a number of construction related activities. Melamine is also used in the production of kitchen utensils and plates.